About Us

About Cosa

Cosa Garden is the largest plant trading site in the UAE and includes products of different types and varieties imported specifically for our customers which include ornamental plants, fruit trees, outdoor trees, indoor plants and in addition, there are services such as 3D garden design with video and pictures and delivery to the customer with the free choice of design is executed at Cosa Garden or elsewhere.

Cosa Garden Center is originally a wholesale plant and the website of Cosa Garden is selling retail products with high quality and very competitive price.

Cosa Garden Center Plants Trading was established in 2016, specializing in agriculture, producing decorative plants and fruit trees of all kinds and sizes.


Entrepreneurship in agriculture and innovation for sustainable development.

The Message

To make the UAE a destination in the agricultural field by providing excellent services.


  • Sustainable environment. 
  • Providing all services and goods according to quality standards. 
  • We contribute to the welfare of society.