Banzahir Lime

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  • Perennial plant does not need to be replenished
  • Plant source: Damascus
  • Other Names: Loomi – Lumi – Banzaheer
  • Grafted

Lime is a fruit of a citrus tree that is usually round in shape. The color ranges between green and yellow, and the diameter of three to six centimeters, and contains acid, and the fruit is considered pulp acid. Loome is a vitamin-rich fruit. Lumi is often used to add flavors to foods and beverages because they contain a large amount of vitamin C and are common in their preparation with tea and honey, for example. Loome grows throughout the year, usually smaller and less acidic than lemon. It should be noted that there is at least one completely empty pH and tends to sweetness in taste and smell, a plant first known in southern Iraq, where it was growing on a large scale. The fruit began to flourish commercially in Babylon, now known as southern Iraq.