Callistemon (Bottle brushes)

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  • Perennial plant does not need to be replenished
  • Nominal known: Callistemon – Bottle brush
  • Plant source: Thailand

Bottle brush, its scientific name is Callistemon. Its species is endemic to subtropical areas, used as a charcoal source, and its flowers can be used for home decoration. It is an evergreen plant, may reach a height of 8 meters. This species is native to Australia. Among its characteristics are that it is sagging branches, its flowers are red, and it accepts planting in the ponds, and it starts to flower in March, April and November.

It does not need much care, except for the beginning of planting or when the seedlings are small, the soil must be well drained. The leg is placed with a stent that makes it stable until the leg is firm. It should not be over-watered and preferably mild to moderate. Some do not prefer pruning because it temporarily affects the shape of sagging branches that give the tree special beauty. It is preferable to supply it with neutral fertilizer monthly and then after the completion of growth is given every three months dose of fertilizer. Frost may damage it but it can withstand heat, dryness and sunlight, preferably in places with equal exposure to sun and shade. The more windproof it is, the better its growth.


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