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  • Perennial plant does not need to be replenished
  • Plant source: Egypt

Carissa is a shrub native to South Africa. It is known as plum Natal, and in South Africa are called large cylinders. As well as in the Bantu tribes in Uganda called fruit Naim Naim.

It handles well with salt-laden winds, making it a good choice for coastal areas. It is commonly found in the coastal bush of Eastern Cape and Natal. It produces glossy green leaves and snowy white flowers that smell scented at night. Like other species, an evergreen shrub containing latex. Flourishes for several months at a time. Ornamental fruit, round in shape, and scarlet appears in the summer and autumn at the same time as the flowers bloom. In temperate coastal areas fruits appear throughout the year. It appears in the South African National Tree list as number 640.3


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