Euphorbia Milii Hybrid

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20.00 AED
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  • Perennial plant does not need to be replenished
  • Current names: Euphorbia – Crown of thorns
  • It has no smell
  • Plant source: Thailand

Euphoria Milli is a beautiful evergreen succulent plant, native to Madagascar in Africa and the dendritic plant has a length of about 2 meters in the ground. The plant stalk is full of sharp thorns, and the plant has beautiful flowers of varying colors appear at intervals throughout the year, especially on days with warm or hot weather, which is also flowering throughout the year.

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Taking care of the plant Euphoria Milli of the easiest, it is a plant is tired and found in most soil types except mud soils poor drainage. Water the plant abundantly during the summer and hot weather taking into account the dryness of the soil between irrigations, and reduce the amount of water during the winter with the spacing between the irrigation. The plant is lover of high humidity during high temperatures, preferably sprayed with water spray, and if planted in an agricultural pot must be careful to change the plant pot every year or two depending on the size of the plant so as not to suffocate the roots

Euphoria Milli is a beautiful juices that we recommend especially for beginners and amateurs, the plant is easy to adapt and care without special requirements. Only full sun, water and some compost if available. The plant has many different hybrids, some of which are “dwarf” high-leg grow in groups and some like the kind we have is a hybrid, which grows on one stalk thick and grow small backs along the stem.

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