Green Spanish Grapes

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  • Perennial plant does not need to be replenished
  • Plant source: Spain

The grape is a smooth fruit, crusted, pulp, juicy, grown on a plant stalk. Grapes appear on clusters where there are usually six to three hundred fruits. The color of grape fruits varies according to their varieties and the colors are either black, blue, purple or gold in color tend to green or white.

These grapes, which have excellent origins and are characterized by a sweet (slightly pungent) green color, add a great taste. The trunk is very large and ready for production. The geometric shape on the letter T adds a rare touch in the garden.

Grapes need a good amount of water after they are planted, so drip irrigation should be adopted. It is the best way because it does not allow water to reach the leaves which can cause diseases. In late summer or after autumn, fertilizer is applied around the grape tree but away from the stems.