Jasmine (Local)

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  • Perennial plant does not need to be replenished
  • It has a pleasant aromatic smell
  • Plant source: Palestine

The shrub rises about 3 to 5 meters on multiple stems, out of one origin, and then densely branch into small branches, leaves bear flowers, stems elastic elastic not easy to break, leaves opposite, semi-oval, mounted on long necks, trilobed, the largest lobe The middle has a long, tapered head, which is a rough, semi-sharp, goat-friendly pasture, and has fodder for cows. The flowers come together from the leaf arches in the form of a cluster, consisting of five petals and sometimes six, and perhaps more, tinged with redness from the back and a hymn from the extremities, and has a pleasant aromatic smell, fragrant fragrance at night, peaking at dawn until the sun shines on it, decaying in a rapid gradient . The scent of the daffodils and dusk outweighs the scent. They bloom heavily in late spring and early summer. Some remain on the tree between appearing and wilting most days of the year. Bees reap from their nectar honey white, tasteful taste good smell.