Strelitzia (big Size)

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  • Perennial plant does not need to be replenished
  • Plant source: Palestine
  • Current Names: Bird of paradise flower – Strelitzia

It is called perennial plants that make you feel that you live in paradise, its plant is very beautiful solid, gives the viewer happiness, and grow anywhere and harmonize with nature, has a description that distinguishes it from the rest of the flowers, with its shimmering aroma The stars in the darkness of the barren night.

The original home of the bird of paradise is South Africa, with purple, yellow, and blue colors.

It is important to work on feeding and fertilizing the bird of paradise, as it responds to the process of strong fertilization, especially in the period of growth of flowers, so it is preferable to spray it with fertilizer and feed it at least once every 14 days in winter, with no stop fertilizing during the summer season.